Author: Kim

Frostys Is Closed Until Further Notice

There is STILL no playbook for this type of situation. In light of the current situation with Covid- 19, Frosty’s has decided to close Wednesday, July 8 until further notice.  A few members of our management team and members of our restaurant family have been identified as primary contacts of folks who have tested positive… continue reading

Frostys is closing July 2nd 2020

There is no playbook for this type of situation. Frosty’s has a food service employee, that, while at home today, exhibited COVID like symptoms. The employee had very limited contact with the public and is currently undergoing a COVID test at Magruder hospital. Our employee was not present at work today, and as soon as… continue reading

July 2nd Covid Update

On July 2nd, Frosty’s closed for cleaning and sanitization of our entire facility, due to an employee exhibiting COVID like symptoms while they were in their home. Read the article here UPDATE: The employee in question has tested positive for COVID-19; however this employee had no direct contact with the public during the 48 hours… continue reading

Frostys Pizza Crust is changing.

Frosty's has been serving our traditional crust pizza for a long, long time. We are saddened to say that our supplier has discontinued Frosty's traditional crust. After speaking with our staff, community members and some of our customers, we have decided to replace our traditional crust with a softer, still crispy crust that we think is... continue reading

Frosty Bar & Put-in-Bay Carriage House Mask Policy

In order to balance the health of both our island visitors and employee family, Frosty Bar and Put-in-Bay Carriage House will no longer require employees to wear masks.  Due to the extreme physical nature of our work along with temperature inside and outside our store and restaurant, mask wearing is unhealthy for our employees.  … continue reading