Rusty’s original music, his every-night-a-great time live show, and the pile of encyclopedic rock and roll and country history he can play have made Rusty one of the artists that can be counted on to make a performance also a party.

Rusty’s solo show is a high-energy, freewheeling tour-de-force of Bladen originals, songs from the radio, and some excellent hippie country-rock tunes. The band show is an exhibition of what five guys holding onto the same roots rock and roll rope can pull an audience into. The band shows are fun, rockin’, and loud. The solo shows are fun, rockin’, and almost as loud. A veteran of the Indiana music scene, Bladen has played many of the clubs, theaters, bars, and festivals in Indiana on his way to building his fanbase. Bladen powers the crowd at his shows with an atmosphere of party songs, sing-alongs, and a whole lot of audience participation.