There is no playbook for this type of situation. Frosty’s has a food service employee, that, while at home today, exhibited COVID like symptoms. The employee had very limited contact with the public and is currently undergoing a COVID test at Magruder hospital. Our employee was not present at work today, and as soon as we were informed of the possible symptoms, we took swift and decisive action.

While Frosty’s awaits the test results, we have chosen to close early today, Thursday July 2 until at least Saturday, July 4th to implement extreme levels of sanitization under the direction of the Ottawa County Health Department. Closing our restaurant was not required by the Ottawa County Health Department, but the Stoiber family’s level of concern for the health of our visitors and restaurant family moved us to implement what OCHD described as the “overly safe option.”

Thank you for your continued support of our third-generation family business and our dedicated restaurant staff as we navigate these uncharted waters. Stay safe and healthy.

Kim Morrisson and Ryan Stoiber