Interested in spending your summer on Put-in-Bay with lots of fun people, great housing, and competitive wages?

Frosty’s is always looking for college-aged, enthusiastic, fun-loving people with a good work ethic and people skills.

A Brief History of Frosty’s and the Stoiber Family. Romer and Louis Stoiber founded Frosty’s in 1949. In 1970, George returned from 10 years in the Navy to assist Louis with the family business.here!

In 1973, George married June, and together they ran Frosty’s. Today, Kim and Ryan Stoiber are taking the reins at Frosty’s as the third generation of the Stoiber family on the island.

Frosty’s is run as family businesses. You’ll see Kim, and Ryan making pizzas, serving breakfast, emptying trash cans, and many of the other activities we’ll ask of you throughout the summer.

The Summer Season

Put-in-Bay is a summer resort island with a tourism season beginning in early April and ending Halloween weekend with an amusing array of costumes. Potential employees should be prepared to work a 6-day workweek, including all weekends and holidays. All employees are expected to work national holidays including Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and two weekends in the Fall after Labor Day.

In return for a positive attitude and hard-working mentality, employees can expect much from their summer at Put-in-Bay. Workweeks are typically 40 hours with the opportunity for weekly overtime for those expressing willingness to exceed expectations and demonstrate leadership skills. Paychecks are issued weekly with fair wages and timely delivery. Managers and the Stoiber family will manage and provide assistance whenever needed. Workplaces and residences will be clean, safe, and fun.


Frosty’s provides housing for all employees. All new employees will live in the dormitory located right in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. Dormitory residents can walk to all needed amenities on the island including work, the post office, grocery store, and bank. The dorm has two floors, generally divided by gender with laundry and telephone facilities on each floor. The lounge area on the first floor has food and beverage vending machines, television, and a microwave. All rooms are doubles and supplied with bunk beds, dressers, head, and air conditioning. The dorm is supervised by a dorm manager who lives on premises.

The weekly fee for housing is deducted directly from employees’ paychecks. Rent begins when employees begin working full time for the summer. Employees working weekends in the spring and fall will not be charged rent for those weekends.

Available Positions

Frosty’s is a tavern and restaurant, serving breakfast in the mornings and pizza, burritos, and cold beer and cocktails in the afternoons. Restaurant experience isn’t necessary for any position, as our team will happily train folks with welcoming personalities and a great work ethic.


This positions combines bartending and serving customers both at the bar and table service.  This position requires excellent communication and multi-tasking skills.  Applicants must be 21 years old.

Lunch & Dinner Servers

Servers should possess an excellence in hospitality and ensuring our customers feel welcome. This position requires excellent communication and multi-tasking skills. Applicants must be 19 years old.

Breakfast Wait Staff

If you can multi-task in a fast paced environment, wake up early, and want some extra time in the afternoons to work on your tan, breakfast is a profitable and fun option. Must be at least 19 years old.

Breakfast Bus Crew/Food Prep

Breakfast bus crew must work in a fast-paced environment that requires early start times. After breakfast this crew preps breakfast, pizza, and burrito for the week. Must be able to consistently arrive to work in the early AM and work through mid-afternoon.

Breakfast Cook

Like to wake up early and work in a fast-paced, line cook environment?  Join the breakfast kitchen crew to expand your skills in the kitchen.

Pizza Crew

Pizza crew members will serve customers, make pizzas, and be knowledgeable in food preparation and food safety.  An excellent place to start your summer job at Frostys!

Burrito Crew

Like to be outside and see all the action on the patio? Burrito crew will work directly with customers taking orders for nachos, tacos, and burritos.  Crew will food prep ingredients and learn food safety.

Night Cleaning

Like to work in the evenings at your own pace?  Help clean up the restaurant and bar overnight and tackle light maintenance jobs.

The Carriage House is a souvenir and gift shop located in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. Employees of the Carriage House also maintain Kimberly’s Carousel located adjacent to the gift shop and rent golf carts.

Retail Clerks

Interested in retail and marketing? Like interfacing with customers on a daily basis? Retail clerks have the opportunity to work directly with island visitors daily.  Duties include restocking shelves, light cleaning, operating the carousel, renting golf carts, and creating window and store displays.  Should be at least 18 years old.


Frosty’s reserves the right to reassign employees to other positions based on need and employee’s skills and abilities. With reassignment, employees may face a change in wages. Frosty’s retains the right to terminate employment, with or without cause and with or without notice.